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Coimbatore Proud, World Famous Yogarathna Nanamal, who follows our Countries traditional art of Yoga and Naturopathy past 98 Years with Happy and Healthy life.She is going to reach 100 yearsLikewise we lead life healthy and under her Guidance we can learn Yoga and we shall get proper instructions to live with English free medicines given by Well Trained Naturopathy Doctors. In Modern World we face lots of Diseases like Dibetics, Obesity, Heart Attack, Utrus Problem, Knee Pain Head Ache, Back Pain, Neck Pain. Tension, BR. Ulcer. Piles. Cold, Cough. Sinus, Neurasthenia, Jaundice. Impotence, Scabious, Eye Deficiency. Varicose Vein, Etc.For these kind of Diseases and also for Up Corning Diseases will be solved with the help of Yoga and Naturopathy Medicines. 
Nanammal Yoga:
Nanammal was born in an agricultural family at Zameen Kaliayapuram,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Her husband was a Siddha practitioner and was into agriculture and cultivation, She moved to Negamam after marriage. At the age of 3, She learnt yoga from her father, she mastered more than 50 asanas. Over the past five decades, Nanammal has trained more than one milllion students and continues to teach 100 students daily at the ANANDHAM YOGA CENTRE, OZONE YOGA CENTRE established by her. Around 600 of her students, including 36 members of her family, have become YOGA INSTRUCTORS around the world.  Yoga nanammal yoga training center located in athipalayam, Thudiyalur.

Nanammal started practicing yoga when she was 3 years old. She learned yoga from her father, who was a martial artist, Nanammals husband was a Siddha practitioner in the village and was also into agriculture. That is how she cultivated a liking towards naturopathy after her marriage. She never stopped practicing yoga at any point in her life.

Nanammals father and grandfather were both Registered Indian Medicine Practitioners (RIMP), Yoga was their family tradition and they were not teaching yoga to anyone outside the family and it stayed within the group. During those days, the primary business was agriculture in Kerala state, where their family owned coconut and cashew farms, along with traditional Siddha medicine.Also provides Naturopathy clinic and treatments in coimbatore.

There was an incident involving her mother-in-law that made Nanammal to realize that yoga could potentially help other people as well. Her mother-in-law was out in the farm and had wrenched her leg, Instead of getting treatment from a doctor, She offered to teach her some yoga poses and she got better wit this technique. After that incident, her mother-in-law became her very first student. Over the years, Nanammal began teaching her neighbors and other children, and by the time 1970s, she had decided to teach yoga to even more people. Hence, The OZONE YOGA SCHOOL was established and since then, Nanammal and her family have taught yoga to over 100,000 people. Nanammal yoga classes in coimbatore located in athipalayam, Thudiyalur.

Yoga Nammal:
Nanammal and her family, including her children, grandchildren and even great-grand children, follow the traditions passed on from generation to generation. In the year 1992 they established Anandham Yoga Natural Health Center in Coimbatore and they teach their traditional style of yoga, which focuses more on Pranayama (Breath control).


Leaf Bath  Leaf Bath

Refreshes body and you feel relaxed. Reduces body weight and prevents Kidney failure 

Mud Bath Mud Bath

Removes toxins from body and cures skin disease. Reduces intestines heat and increase blood circulation 

OilMassage OilMassage

Increases Blood circulation, improves skin tone and streatchability 

Stomach Stomach

Good for stomach related problems .Cures pain,swelling, indigestion problem.